Outcome of the El Cajon City Council Meeting to appoint 2 councilmen to the GFDC

To All GPA Pilots:

First, I’d like to thank all the members of Gillespie Pilots association for meeting at El Cajon Council chambers last night for the appointment meeting for two members of the Gillespie Field Development Committee (GFDC). There was a large turnout of GPA members, most of whom spoke eloquently and in favor of retaining GFDC Councilmen Jeff Swiney and Bob Davison.  Two other applicants came and spoke at the meeting (Michael Reah & Alhim Razook), who appear to have no background in aviation or its effects on the community,  or any of the other myriad aspects of institutional development to build out Gillespie Field and its surrounding areas. When asked about a vision of the future for the airport, one candidatementioned Bio-tech for surrounding airport areas. Which seemed. at best,  incongruous to those assembled. (?).

In summary, the El Cajon City Council appointed Bob Davison to another four year term on the GFDC, did NOT reappoint Jeff Swiney. In place of Jeff Swiney, the El Cajon City Council appointed a complete stranger, a man named Michael Reah, (pronounced “RAY”), who has never been to a GFDC meeting.  No one had heard of Michael Reah before this meeting, and seemed from my point of view to have no interest in aviation, little or no understanding of the airport expansion, and the current status of the 70 acres on Gillespie Field (how to remove roadblocks and get the expansion moving). His background is real estate, and he has worked as a property tax appraiser.

My thanks to all those in attendance who spoke so well, Denny Breslin, Barry Bardack, and many others, who are proving to be stalwarts in our efforts to keep our fantastic Gillespie Field  growing, vibrant and open to a vision of the future that includes, fast, convenient, and safe general and commercial aviation.  GPA is sorry to lose Jeff Swiney as a Councilman on the GFDC, who has been a great supporter of our airport and the development of the 70 acres. Jeff Swiney will be greatly missed on the GFDC, and GPA wishes to thank Jeff for his past years of volunteer service on the GFDC. There will be more to come as I learn it from various sources.


Brian Meyers

President – Gillespie Pilots Association

P.O. Box 712881

Santee, CA 92072-2881.